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Bio Salud!



Bio Salud

          Bio Salud!™ is an industry leader in developing healthy cholesterol-free, cultured dairy beverage. A true bi-lingual staple. It’s the only fortified beverage of its kind... Packed with nutrients such as 12.7 billion live active cultures including Lactobacilius.

•         A cultured dairy beverage with millions of live & active cultures in each bottle

•         The probiotics in this beverage may boost brain health

•         Lactobacillus, the “Good” bacteria aids in digestion, maintaining balance

•         Instantly intuitive among Hispanic families

•         More than 26 million consumed daily worldwide

•         Bio-Salud! is the first Hispanic brand on the market

•         Open code dated

•         Bi-Lingual packaging

•         Family/kids package design

•         Fortified with vitamins A & D

•         Available in 4 great flavors: Original, Strawberry, Peach and Pineapple

•         Made in the USA

Available Flavors


For all the family. Para toda la familia